• This course is designed to increase the student’s understanding of United States History from its beginning to the present, its development and institutions. The goals of the class are to develop (1.) an understanding of some of the principle themes in early and modern U.S. History, (2.) an ability to analyze historical evidence, and (3.) an ability to analyze and to express historical understanding in writing and other forms of communication.  U.S. History is a rigorous, fast paced and challenging course designed to be the equivalent of a college freshman U.S. History survey course.  This course prepares students to take the College Board Advanced Placement United States History examination and possibly earning college credit.

  • U.S. History is an overview of key events and developments in the history of the United States from 1877 to the present. This means you will know people, dates, issues, and events in proper chronological order in history.  You will also be analyzing these events and people through the study of primary source documents.  You will learn to use critical thinking skills in order to begin to understand the causes and effects of why these events happened in history.    This course will prepare students for the U.S. History EOC in May.

  • You can find this course listed in the online catalog as SOCIAL STUDIES ADVANCED STUDIES: (ADVANCED SOCIAL SCIENCE SPECIAL PROBLEMS) If you are in AP or Pre-AP, the course number is 7412, and if you are in G/T classes, it is 7416.

    This course provides an opportunity for responsible students to pursue the Distinguished Achievement Programseal and earn state credit for developing, researching, and presenting their mentored or independent study advance measure.

    Using a variety of technologies, students will conduct in-depth research on a problem, issue, or concern, prepare a product of professional quality, and present their findings to appropriate audiences.

    Students...are expected to practice good study skills, work independently, and appreciate the challenge of an accelerated pace of curriculum, in-depth learning, product development, and above grade level responses. G/T students will in addition to the requirements of the honors students engage in research skills and differentiated curriculum strategies.

    Self enrolment